Bespoke Software Development

If you need a software application to help you and your company work the way you want to rather than to be forced by other software then we can help. If you are fed up of spending thousands on a product that doesn't do exactly what you want then we can help.

App Development

Mobile applications (or apps for short) are software applications, designed to run on smartphones, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile phones, as well as tablets, like iPad. Apps for mobile platforms are enjoying great popularity, and the scope of their use is rapidly expanding. Originally implemented for E‐mails, calendars and contact databases, mobile apps are now widely used for mobile games, factory automation, banking, location‐based services, social media, online shopping, order tracking systems, ticket purchases, etc.

The demand for having an iPhone, iPad or other tablets and android app has increased necessitating the needs for businesses to think beyond the PC. A6ix has built in-house capabilities and expertise in developing iPhone and iPad applications. If you are considering building an app that augments your online business or want to create a new business opportunity in this segment, our team has the capabilities and experience to help.

A6ix can design and develop your database from scratch, optimize a poorly performing database and design custom database driven applications. Our experts have specialized in PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL.


Database Conversion & Migration

Many businesses start managing their data by making use of tools such as Microsoft Excel or MS Access. While these can be good starter tools, it’s likely that requirements such as handling more users, more data, and connecting remotely will require a more powerful database. A6ix can convert your applications, providing the features you need but are lacking, and also migrate your data from these intro-level products to a more robust database that can meet your required needs.


Database Optimisation and Tuning

Your current application might become hard to maintain or take on new functionality. This may be due to poor database design or improper configurations and usage. Karmoxie can investigate and recognize opportunities for tuning and optimization, and at times make small changes that can dramatically speed up your database. Before you invest in new hardware, let’s take a look under the cover; you might just need to adjust a few indexes or make other small changes resulting in big benefits.